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Hey, guys. How did you spend your 2020 vacation? I guess, sitting at home. Ho ho. Maybe you won’t believe me, but I traveled a lot! I simply said to one guy from the travel agency “Fernweh”. I want to visit this place that I had never been to! And oops! I was there! Absolutely unbelievable.  The results you can see in my video. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you like the pictures I took? Did you have a similar travel experience already? I would love to know from you! And if you are wondering how can you book your travel, just click here to visit the Travel Agency Fernweh. And by using the code “CHRIS20” you get 20% off on your first booking!! 🙂


Tolle Chance für Reisesüchtige, danke fürs Teilen!


I have been in this trip once through the Travel Agency Fernweh, at the beginning of January. The service was quite good, but the destination they took me to disappointed me. For those guys who love unexpected experiences, go for it. Just not me!


Chris, em muốn gặp anh, bất cứ đâu anh đến!!!


Ich kann es kaum abwarten, bis die Reisen wieder stattfinden! Dann sind wir endlich wieder durch mehr als nur über unsere Screens vernetzt und können auf der ganzen Welt in andere Realitäten eintauchen und intime Momente teilen! Obwohl das ja auch über Online Plattformen möglich ist. Aber wie erleben wir Realität, Intimität in der digitalen Welt und wie autonom sind wir?  


The video is inspirational and evokes my long lost desire to travel. When seeing this video, I recall all the sounds of every place that I've been through, for example: the bell from the church or birds singing in the forests... All these sounds can even be recorded and compiled into a really beautiful media artwork


Poxa queria! Mas sem vacina eu acho arriscado 🙁 melhor ficar em casa comendo leite condensado o dia todo.

Maria de Lourdes

I also tried the experience offered by this agency and I was impressed by visuals! It would be great to have something similar with sounds... By the way, I found one link on this topic - check it out


الشركة مع رحلة حجز والتجربة هذه خوض على شجعتني لقد  ! رائع من أكثر الفيديو حقيقة 


I am planning a lot to travel after the pandemic. But I don't want to risk my health to join some trips like that during the pandemic. Anyway, nice destinations and thanks for sharing with us.


¡Chris! Gracias por las recomendaciones. El viaje resultó de lo mejor. La pasamos genial en el virtual pub, hablando con extraños y ríendo. No puedo esperar para hacer otro viaje con Fernweh. Sigan así. ¡Salud!


Traveling is an important part of my life. My last trip I booked with Fernweh! It was an amazing experience. I visited a nice small city in Germany called Dieburg, composed by different locations to visit 🙂 Can’t wait to be able to travel again.


Чуваки, я весь год провел в своей квартире и никуда не выезжал


میری خواہش ہے کہ پہاڑوں اور خوبصورت وادیوں میں جاؤں

Aisha Ali

Ich liebe dieses Video, die Landschaften sind echt wunderschön. Ich hab mir fest vorgenommen Fernweh dieses Jahr noch auszuprobieren! 🙂

Moritz Hoffmann

Fernweh is about diversity and unexpectedness!  I have been on this trip months ago. the destination was exactly what I had in mind: calm, vast, bright colors! I would heavily recommend planning a trip with this agency!

Andrew L.

This seems like an amazing experience 🙂 I’m excited to book a trip with Fernweh! I really miss traveling. I try to travel to a new destination every year, but due to the current situation things change. so for sure I'm not missing this offer.


No me importa el virus. Solo se vive una vez. Oye, Travel Agency Fernweh, quiero reservar 🙂 🙂


My boyfriend and I planned to go many places. Then, the pandemic came, and the distance caused us to break up. What do I do now with the tons of travel plans I've come up with?! Will the Travel Agency Fernweh organize a trip for this depressed, heartbroken woman?

Valentina Dias

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January 31, 2021 3:47 pm

The concept was super amazing, It took me on a journey throught the process, Cheers to the team 🙂

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