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Почему-то я в онлайне больше слушаю, чем говорю. И мне кажется, я не одна такая. Ты начинаешь обращать внимание на невербальные сигналы другого, и это завораживает.
I can be in my pyjamas.
In a video call you can't come near the other person.
I’m really a spontaneous person and I miss spontaneous conversations, because when you’re in a Zoom call it’s kind of hard to have more people talking at the same time. Online we miss these reactions.
I feel disappointed I can't meet my lovely people.
Если я общаюсь с близким человеком, мне всегда важна физическая близость - находиться рядом, чтобы понимать, что он / она сейчас чувствует.
I was talking to a picture.
Es ist eine andere Form von Präsenz.
In a real conversation, when you are talking to several participants, you look others in the eyes and see who has something to say. And during these digital meetings, it is sometimes noisy and everyone is talking together, and you are not looking into real eyes. Sometimes it's a bit confusing.
Children came to me in the morning and they shared so many things with me, as a teacher I really miss little chit chat.
میں اپنے نئے دوستوں سے کبھی نہیں ملا۔
If we were in a real space and could meet, I'm sure we would talk more often than on Zoom calls.
Es ist so ein anderes Gefühl von beobachtet sein. Man achtet drauf wie man aussieht, wie man da sitzt.
You always have the opportunity to escape.
Если ты знакомишься с человеком в онлайне, то он в любом случае будет для тебя образом, который придумал ты сам
You can show your emotions using your face.
You can't touch the person, that's the only difference.
I use teleconferencing to talk to my parents who live in another city because I can't visit them.
Real conversation is more direct and working without words.
For future virtual interactions, I personally would like to have an audio as a melody from conversations I had. For example, I had a very lively discussion and it would be great to have an audio from that so I can remember.